Montreal in Photos

Just some photos from my week in Montreal.

I love cities, and this was a great one.  It’s vibrant and colourful with something for everyone, even the non-French-speaking folk like myself.  (Don’t listen to the people who say that the Quebecois will treat you poorly if you don’t speak French; everyone we dealt with was lovely.)   I love the architecture.  There’s a great blend of old buildings, new buildings, and seriously excellent graffiti that I really enjoyed.

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4 thoughts on “Montreal in Photos

  1. Beautiful. I like the brick buildings and the murals. Funny, in Paris, I met someone from Montreal who spoke French (Quebecois). He said the Parisians pretend like they can’t understand him.

    • It really was gorgeous. Yeah, I have heard that about Quebec accents. That reaction seems a bit extreme to me. I’m sure there are differences and confusion, but to not understand at all – I kind of doubt it.

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