Got Me a Ticket for an Airplane

I have many interests, but I have only one non-human, true, deep, and abiding passion, and that is travel.  There are a lot of things I love doing, but none so much as getting on a plane (or a train, or a boat) and knowing that I’m going somewhere.

The primary reason I show up to work every day (besides a need for food and shelter) is that doing so allows me to travel.  Without that prospect, I can’t say for sure that I would be compelled to obey my 6:45 am alarm each morning.

But I’d forgotten that for a while.  Work, studies, grocery shopping, cleaning the apartment, finding socks in the morning as I’m rushing out the door, and all the other daily things that take up time and thoughts and life had distracted me.  And while I wouldn’t say that sidelining my need for travel depressed me, it did sort of take away my focus and left me feeling a bit dull about life.

Solution: make plans!  And I’ve been making them like crazy over the last little while.  I’m hitting all sorts of variety buttons in the process: places I’ve never been, places I have been that have sun and lovely beaches, places where they speak other languages, places that will let me see things differently and just shake my routine up a little.  (It’s so very easy to do the same thing every day.  If you’re busy, it’s a very fast way to live your life and you suddenly realize that months (or years!) have gone by.  Breaking it up with new experiences is my favourite way to slow down the process.)

So I’ve planned romantic vacations, family vacations and girls-only vacations.  Some trips have new travel companions, some have my favourite old ones, and some somewhere between.  I’m reading guide books in the book shops and searching ideas on the internet.  It’s all part of the fun and it’s all exciting.  This is what I live for.  I’m not sure how I forgot.


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