Limbo Week

It’s that strange week between Christmas and the New Year when going to work makes you feel like you’ve entered the twilight zone.  Maybe you have this week off, in which case maybe it doesn’t seem weird to you; it just feels like part of Christmas vacation.  But when you have to go to work that day after Boxing Day, nothing feels quite right.

A Christmas market in Clifton Mill, Ohio, Unit...

Christmas is over folks. Should you really still be turning these on?

You are back at work, so Christmas is definitely over, but with New Year’s Eve coming, is it still the holidays?  Is it wrong and weird to still have the tree up?  How about lighting it?  Should you just start your resolutions now instead of waiting for New Year’s Day?  Or should you devote the last bit of December to polishing off the Christmas chocolates and baking so they won’t be around to tempt you later?

And work itself is weird.  A third of the staff are missing, and it’s always the third you need in order to get things finished.  All week you get a seat easily on your usually crazy morning commute.  For that matter, your commute has strangers on it – people with sports equipment, children, people you have never seen before.  The food court is empty at lunch.

It all feels like there was a memo that you and a few unfortunate others did not receive.

Happy limbo week folks.  That traditional few days of surreal waiting at the end of a whole year of normal.

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