1. Lightbulb1 (brian0918).

Good Idea!

There are moments in life where you make a decision — for whatever reason — and the immediate result is such an unequivocally brilliant improvement on what you had been experiencing until then that the joy of the improvement is somewhat diminished by the fact that you are kicking yourself for not having made the decision ages ago.

This just happened to me.

Must stop kicking myself.

Note to Self:  If something isn’t good, do something about it now.  Don’t wait for it to get worse first.  That’s just a waste of precious time.

Update: Apparently that was overly cryptic and implied that I had quit my job.  I did not quit my job.  I simply dumped a bad teacher for a much better teacher in a course I was struggling with because of the bad teacher.  I wish I had done it ten weeks ago.

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