Bargain Bling

I’ve been looking for Christmas jewelry for a few weeks now.  Because Christmas jewelry’s intense sparkle is really only ever appropriate to wear at Christmastime, I didn’t really want to spend a fortune.  And what do you know, just in time for the Christmas party, the old lady rummage sale came through for me.  

The old lady rummage sale is awesome.  It is held inside the common room of an apartment block for the elderly that’s near where I live.  They set up once a month or so and always advertise with two balloons.  I try not to miss it.

I don’t think many people buy anything from this rummage sale, but I may be mistaken.  It does look to me like maybe they buy each other’s stuff.  Here are some samples of things I have seen on offer there:

  • Small porcelain dogs
  • Knitted pot holders
  • Tuna sandwiches
  • Half empty bottles of shampoo
  • Records including hits like “Tea for Two”
  • Videos featuring Steven Seagal

This weekend though, I found actual treasure, more or less exactly what I was looking for.  There is sparkle galore and there is even the bonus of red stones (ok, possibly red glass.)  Matching earrings too!

Christmas sparkle

Yay for the neighbour ladies!

(As a side note, I am finding my delight at this find rather amusing, as I spent many, many years laughing at my dad for his”great” garage sale finds.)

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