Eau de Me, but Nicer


You know how you’ll be on the bus and suddenly someone sits near you and they smell absolutely fantastic?  I love that.  It shows thoughtful effort and I appreciate when people make a thoughtful effort.

I think it’d be fun to have a signature scent.  Actually, a signature anything would be cool, but I think I read something once about how a signature scent is something every gal should have.  Although I can’t see why guys shouldn’t either.

I’m not usually affected by statements about what I should have, but I guess this one stuck with me, maybe because of the occasional gorgeous-smelling person on the bus, so I’ve kept a vague sort of eye (er, nose) out ever since.

You have to be careful with this kind of thing though.  It needs to be subtle.  There are some people on my morning commute who wear too much scent and it makes my eyes burn.

I don’t want to make anyone’s eyes burn.  Somehow I don’t think it’s the “right” first impression.

So now and then I’ll wander around the perfume section in a department store.  I can dismiss 90% of the things in there right away because they’re either too flowery, too sweet, or too much like whatever alcohol component they’re made up of.  So then it’s just figuring out which of the other 10% are really me.  I think I found one the other night.

It was in a pretty purple section of the store (I’m not going to tell you whose counter, as that might result in copy-cats, me being so influential and all, and then my scent wouldn’t be signature, would it?) that had pretty bottles.  Actually, most perfumes have pretty bottles.  And apparently you can’t judge a perfume by its bottle, although sometimes that’s hard.  There are a lot of beautiful things they can do with glass these days.

Perfume Bottle (i)

Example of a lovely perfume bottle.

And this particular perfume had a gorgeous bottle shaped like a guitar, which is kismet, really, as I happen to have a guitar!  And the perfume itself makes me smell somewhat like grape kool-aid, but better!  This is exciting, as grape is up there with cinnamon and grapefruit in my top three favourite artificial scents.

So this will be my new signature.  If you pass me in the street, you’ll be able to recognize me by my scent.  I’ll be the one who smells like the grape strawberry shortcake doll!

(Note:  I just looked it up and there was no grape strawberry shortcake doll.  Just a villainess names Sour Grapes.  Clearly I was not working at Hasbro in the early eighties.)

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