It Don’t Mean a Thing

Happy days!  The disastrous hip hop classes are over!  But my dancing dreams have been revived!  (Oooh, I’m feeling the exclamation marks today.)

That’s right.  Despite my usual philosophy that if at first you don’t succeed, might as well give up, this seems to be an area where I have a limitless willingness to keep trying.  Go figure.

Swing and Dance with Frank Sinatra

Dance classes take 2

Now, obviously, hip hop has been crossed off the list.  And good riddance, I say.  So what are we trying this week, you ask?  (Yes, I said we: my ever-patient husband has agreed to join me on this one.)  Swing dancing!  We had our first class on Friday night.  It was so fun.  No offence to Urban Beat or anything, but the teacher at this school (Dance 4 U – I am working on forgiving the text speak) is sixty bazillion times better than the girl over there.

Here’s the thing about teachers: if they’re really good at something, they often forget what it means to be a beginner.  This teacher at Dance 4 U, Ivan, has not forgotten that.  He broke everything down a lot.  It was great.  No one got lost or behind or frustrated.  We just had a lot of fun, which is fantastic, because it doesn’t always work that way.

See, we’ve taken dance classes together before and it hasn’t necessarily gone so well.  I am – to be perfectly honest – a bit of a bossy control freak sometimes.  I’m not proud of it, but there it is.  Therefore, I struggle more than a bit with the whole “being the follow” thing.  I can follow decently with a really strong lead, but with a beginner lead (aka the light of my life), I start to take over and become a pain in the ass.  So we’ve taken classes before where we weren’t really talking by the end.  My fault entirely.  It’s actually pretty surprising he was willing to try this again with me at all.

Dancing the Lindy Hop at the Sacramento Jazz J...

I don't know these people

But I adore the idea of us being able to dance together now and then and actually enjoy it.  So this class with its awesome teacher has made me so happy.  And now I have a standing hot date every Friday night for the next month.  Hurray!

2 thoughts on “It Don’t Mean a Thing

  1. I highly recommend going to some dances too! It will make a huge difference in feeling that you can actually dance, as opposed to just doing the steps when someone tells you to. And you get to dress up (or not)!

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